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School Partnerships and Free Screenings

Occupational Therapy Programs for Schools

In-House Therapy Services

Occupational therapy is an additional service your school or facility can offer to further meet the needs of your children and families. Many private schools, preschools, and daycare centers are now offering these services. 

Therapy Benefits

An in-house therapist will be a valuable resource for your teachers and students. Collaboration between parents, teachers, and therapists is an important part of a child's success and is more easily accomplished when teachers have direct access to the therapist. Providing services in the school setting increases children's access to therapy, due to the difficulty of obtaining afterschool appointments. 

Free Developemental Screenings

All God's Children Pediatric Therapy offers free developmental screenings at schools, daycares, and home-school coops with signed permission of parents. If it is determined that a child may benefit from services, further evaluation will be completed, and parents will be notified by AGC to make arrangements for therapy.

Still have questions? Contact us today to learn how AGC Therapy can make a difference for your students!

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